About The Daily SNOW

The Daily SNOW began as a simple news feed in 2012. Although it may besmirch its competitors from time to time, it has become one of the most legendary mashups of words, quotes, facts, images, and alternative news online.

The Summer of 2016 marked a major turning point for The Daily SNOW when it became an exclusive partner of Strange Human Network (SHN). The “Editors Picks” from the Strange Human Dictionary are now fed exclusively through The Daily SNOW’s social media channels. During this time, a new feature was added to the website allowing all living creatures to submit their own original quotes to be added to the database/news feed…and get credit for it!

Dick Czyzyk – General Manager, Editor

Dick worked as a Private Investigator in Chicago for over 35 years before retiring in 2014. He now spends his time managing and bequeathing his knowledge on the team of curators at The Daily SNOW. He’s also a researcher and Senior Editor at Strange Human Network.

JoeJoe Keys – Social Media Manager

JoeJoe is currently best known as the founder of Indie Music Plus where he manages social media and operations. His skills are in high demand as he also directs social media for major growth brands Live Media Guide, Strange Human Network, and here at The Daily SNOW. It would behoove you to follow JoeJoe at Twitter – @JoeJoeKeys

Alex Sokol – Curator

Betty Leone – Curator

Doug Stansbury – Curator

Dan Taggart – Curator

Scott Zickel – Curator

Victoria Werba – Curator Emeritus

*more curators are in the midst of their rigorous interview process